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Creative Grand Entrance Ideas

If you love the spotlight, the idea of a grand entrance shouldn’t phase you one bit. But if you are like the rest of us then you are dreading this part of the day and hoping you don’t trip and fall flat on your face in front of everyone. Maybe you don’t mind the spotlight but are looking for some creative ideas to introduce your crew. We’ve got you covered!

There are a few different ways we’ve seen the wedding party introduced: one way is to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen enter in the same pairing as they went down the aisle. The second way is to have all the ladies come out and then all the men. This gives each individual more attention but also takes more time so if you have a very large wedding party you may want to keep things moving and introduce in pairs or as a group. After this logistical decision is made, you can get as creative as you’d like. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) If you are having a themed wedding-destination/travel you can use music reflective of the setting or something adventurous like Indiana Jones. Our favorite grand entrance from a nautical-themed wedding featured music from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie for the wedding party and then a swashbuckling grand entrance by the bride and groom (the bride won!). The wedding party then made a tunnel by raising their swords together overhead for the bride and groom to pass under as they made their way across the dance floor for their first dance. It was a very playful, entertaining, and energetic entrance!

2) If the themed wedding thing seems cheesy to you, go Hollywood Glam with a red carpet procession. This idea would be sweet as a fairy tale type entrance too! Have two individuals designated to roll out the red carpet as the DJ prepares to announce the wedding party by name. Choose an upbeat song like Kayne West’s “Flashing Lights” and have tons of camera flash sound effects so your friends can come in and strike a pose at the end of their red carpet runway entrance. This would be great even for the shyest of bridesmaids as it really requires no coordination or over-the-top confidence. Then have the crowd noise soundtrack rise to a crescendo as the couple are announced and blow kisses to the adoring crowd as your new hubby shows you off to the room!

3) For the coordinated and semi coordinated you can do a group dance to entertain and get the crowd hyped up to receive the bride and groom, something short and upbeat with simple moves- as long as it is done in unison can be very memorable and fun.

4) To add a touch of interest and humor to the grand entrance have your wedding party write their own intro in the form of a quirky fact about themselves. This will make people laugh, give some insight and interest into the lives of your VIPs, and keep the crowd’s attention to every word. Just ask that they run their ideas by you as some people’s idea of funny may not work for you on your wedding day. We’re thinking of facts like “Next we have Bridget. She enjoys romantic walks down every aisle of Target and has an irrational fear of Yoda.” Or “Here’s Jenny: she drinks like a fish and enjoys going to weddings for the free cake.” You get the idea (and hopefully are more skillful at writing jokes!). You can suggest that your wedding party share ideas or write down thoughts for their friends as there is usually history there and several fun memories . . “Remember the time James got his head stuck in the . . .Remember when Katie walked into a. . .”

Do you have a great grand entrance idea to share? Please do in the comments below!

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