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How to Select the Right Wedding Venue

how to choose a wedding location

We’ve all heard the saying “Location, Location, Location!” and it’s very likely deciding on where to have your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. So how do you choose a wedding location that is right for you? Read on for some tips brought to by the wedding experts at!

The Basics

The top three concerns for you to consider before choosing a location are pretty basic.

Number one: Does it fit my budget and guest list? Keep in mind additional fees like event insurance and sometimes even vendor insurance required by some venues.

Number two: Does it have my date available and will it accommodate the time frame I have in mind (reception and ceremony times, overall event length?).

Number three: Will it accommodate my vendor choices/needs or are there extra fees/restrictions on these? And if you have anything special in mind for the day (dove release, doggie ring bearer, sparklers, live band, etc.) will the venue allow it?


Ugh, you mean math and boring details??? Not usually part of the “dream wedding” you had in mind but totally necessary to get you there! ;) In LA, certain details like parking for your guests and vendors can be a big deal in determining if your event will be memorable in a good way. Be sure to check with your venue to see what their policy is for parking (extra charge, on site/ off site, valet only, street parking/parking garage/paid parking, etc.) so you can let your guests know ahead of time. Your wedding day is not only a special event for you but also an experience you are sharing with the VIPs in your life so consider what details need addressing to ensure a smooth and pleasant day for everyone. If you are planning a destination wedding, what will it cost your guests to get there, where do you recommend they stay(some hotels give group booking discounts—plus consider the proximity of the hotel to the venue, will your guests have to get their own transportation), are you going to pay for your vendors to travel or will you locate locals to do the jobs, etc.? If you choose to get married outside the area where you or most of your guests are from, consider the transportation costs when making up your budget and also when considering who will want/be able to “go the distance” so to speak. Are there any guests who require special needs (wheelchair access/accommodations, special diets, etc). As each wedding is unique you might come across details not mentioned here. Feel free to share ideas in the comments below to help brides like you!

Somewhere Special

While some brides are happy to find a location that accommodates their basic needs, others might consider it important to select a location that means something more to them. Did you meet in a bookstore? How about getting married at a library like The Los Angeles Public Library. Do you and your future spouse love visits to ChinaTown? Choose a venue with chinese style/influences (like Liu Fang Yuan “The Garden of Flowing Fragrance” at the Huntington Library in Pasadena), or a location with Chinese history. Do you like art or gardening or architecture? Consider a museum, garden wedding venue, or a historical building with amazing architectural details. Do you and your fiance/ee have a minimalist style? Try an awesome industrial venue like Studio 1342 for your wedding location.

If you have additional ideas to share please do in the comments section below! Much love from!

Image Credit: Photo by Mickel Alexander

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