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Winter wedding dress inspiration 2018

Winter is a fun season not really experienced much in sunny Southern California, but with all the festivities this season holds, why not stand out with a little drama? Here are three wedding dress styles we love for winter:

Backless Dresses

Most would agree that winter is not the best time to show some skin, and some would say “Show some skin, on my wedding day??!? What would Grandma Nonni think?” Well skin can be sexy and appropriately and tastefully exposed with a backless dress. Backless dresses like the one pictured above are very elegant and dramatic in an understated way. They don’t scream for your attention right away but can be captivating once discovered. We like the draping on the dress above but other options for backless dresses include an interesting border, cut-out design, back necklace/jewelry, transparent fabric with glitter or gems, or a lace inset.

Plunging V

Take the plunge! Plunging V neck dresses make a dramatic statement on your wedding day. We just love the gorgeous dress pictured above! To avoid being too revealing, be sure to wear the correct undergarment or use body tape or adhesive forms. Select a dress that suggests a plunge but provides layers of sheer or skin colored fabric covering, or with jewel or lace embellishments for more coverage. And be sure to try out your undergarment options with the dress before your wedding day.

Modest Maven

We love the dresses in the Studio Levana Modest Pearl Collection. Drama doesn’t have to be shocking to be memorable; it can be unique. A full coverage dress can be flattering on almost any figure. It can provide a sleek outline for an athletic body, show off the curves of a full body, be interesting on a thin straight figure, or provide coverage for areas you are uncomfortable with exposing. Whether plain or embellished, modest wedding dresses can accentuate your figure and favorite body features making a lasting impression without bearing all.

Tell us what you think of our dress choices in the comments below and share your favorite Winter 2018 dress photos!

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