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City Club Los Angeles

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[  Venue Description  ]

The City Club is a stylish private club known for it’s rich tradition, luxury, and sophistication. Able to accommodate over 400 guests, this venue has perfected the Los Angeles celebration experience. Stunning views of the city skyline combined with personalized services make this the venue of choice for fabulous LA brides.


 If you are interested in planning a Los Angeles wedding reception at City Club Los Angeles, Please contact the Private Events Director at (213) 620-9662 x227.

[  Contact Information  ]

City Club Los Angeles

555 South Flower, 51st Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 620-9662 x227

City Club Website

[  Venue Summary  ]

Type: Private Club

Ceremony & Reception Sites: Arbor Room, Hollywood room, and Santa Monica Room, all three rooms can be combined to form one large room

Capacity: maximum seating capacity is 400 guests

Availability: Please contact the Private Events Director at (213) 620-9662 x227

Amenities: personalized assistance from on-site experienced wedding and event planners, views of the city skyline, luxurious and sophisticated ballrooms

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